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1 - Minimal configuration

At least three settings must be configured before you can use a new (or reset) OpenBikeSensor.

  • The left and right offsets as the largest width of the bike with rider (handlebar width, elbow, etc.)
  • API key
  • WLAN settings to upload your data

Enable configuration mode

To activate the configuration mode, press and hold the button to turn on the device.

There are two different modes of operation.

Access Point Mode

Without a configured WLAN in range, the OpenBikeSensor opens its own WLAN access point.

  • SSID is the MAC address of the device OpenBikeSensor-xxxxxxxx.
  • The default password is 12345678.
  • The configuration page can be accessed via in a web browser.

WiFi mode

If a previously configured WLAN is in range, the OpenBikeSensor will connect to it and show the IP address on its display. This is used to reach the configuration page in a device’s browser in the same WLAN.

Data can only be uploaded from a WLAN with Internet. This can also be triggered directly from the OpenBikeSensor by pressing and holding down the button.

Login to the configuration menu

Since version 0.6.x, an HTTPS connection is offered, and a PIN secures access to the web interface.

  • To open the configuration menu, click on go to https.

    • (Since version 0.6.x) When using HTTPS, a certificate warning is expected, which can be dismissed or silenced by importing the certificate into the browser. The certificate is presented for download in the dialog.
    • (Since version 0.7.x) Instead of go to https, the warning can be bypassed by selecting enable unencrypted access. This should only be used in secure wireless networks (example: own home network).
  • After selecting the configuration mode, the browser will ask for a username and password.

    • User: obs (Note: the username is not checked, and the only condition is that the string is not left blank).
    • Password: is shown in the display of the OBS.

Important settings in the configuration menu


OBS Main Menu

Offsets to the largest width are measured from the sensor. For a symmetrical bike with a 75cm handlebar width, the offset is (75-5)/2=35.

General menu: Setting the offsets

You must enter the “Personal API Key” found in your own account’s Setting menu in the portal. A list of available portals can be found in the Forum.

Important: Don’t forget to save.

General menu: Enter the API key


Main Menu

In the WiFi menu, enter and save the connection details of a WLAN with Internet.

Set SSID and password

This completes the minimal configuration with which tracks can be recorded and uploaded.

2 - Advanced

How to enter configuration mode

You can enter the configuration mode by pushing the button while turning on the device.

Access Point Mode

  • On first start of the configuration mode or if you are outside of the Range of your WiFi, the OpenBikeSensor will open a unique WiFi access point
  • The access point is named after the MAC adress “OpenBikeSensor-xxxxxxxxxxxx” with the initial password “12345678”
  • The configuration page can be found on “” on the AP

WiFi Mode

  • It might be neccessary to de-activate the mobile data on your mobile phone to access this page.
  • OBS can also connect to an existing WiFi, if credentials were entered in a previous configuration (see WiFi Settings)
  • Connected to an existing WiFi, the IP adress of the configuration page is shown on the device’s display.

Structure of the Configuration Menus



Define the offset between the end of your handle bar and the outer edge of the OpenBikeSensor. These values will automatically get substracted from the current measurement. Additionally you could “swap” the left and right measurement, in case you flip the device on your bike.


You could define, in which way your device will acknowledge a valid GPS fix and starts operation. Typically it will start regular operation when it has contact to 4 gps satellites.

Generic Display

  • flip the display, if you need to mount it upside down
  • invert the display bright / dark parts, which might help in bright sunlight.

Measurement Display

Here are several options, which values you might want to see on your display.

  • “simple mode” – display only of measurement to the left
  • Show left / right measurement
  • Show satellite – display of number of gps satellites recognized by the device (more satellites – more accurate positioning)
  • Show velocity – display of actual speed (quite rough because of slow measurement intervals)
  • Show confirmation stats – counts button press and confirmed detection of surpassing events
  • Show nerd details for distance sensors – display of raw data of sensors and number of measuring events within one second (helpful for troubleshooting)

Privacy Options

To keep some privacy, you could tell your device to stop recording near your home or any other privacy zone. This could be no recording at all or just no GPS-tracking any more, but still storing all confirmed passes.

Define your home location and diameter of the privacy zone in the corresponding menu.

Upload User Data

Setup for upload-server to collect track data

  • Choose a portal from the list in the forums
  • Visit the portal, create a user account, and open your profile settings page
  • Copy and paste the API URL and Personal API Key into the settings page of your OpenBikeSensor.


  • Enable Bluetooth – check if you want to connect your Openbiksesensor to a compatible Smartphone App s.a. SimRa
  • SimRa Mode – check if you are connecting the Openbikesensor with the SimRa App

Privacy Zones

You could set as many privacy zones, as you like, including their own radius. In the Privacy Options you define how your OpenBikeSensor behaves while inside a Privacy Zone.

WiFi Settings

The OpenBikeSensor can connect to an available WiFi if you supply its credentials. This is convenient when you want to stay connected to your local WiFi when configuring the sensor. It will tell you the IP adress to connect to on the display.

To upload track from the Open Bike Sensor directly a WiFi connection with internet access is necessary.

Backup & Restore

Here you can back up the configuration of your OpenBikeSensor to your PC or mobile device. To restore from a saved configuration chose the corresponding file in the menu dialog. Use this option before firmware updates to ensure you can restore your settings if they get lost in the process.

Update Firmware

After downloading the latest release (or any other version, in case you need a special setup), just click on “Update” in the options. Select the downloaded file and click update. The device will automatically reboot after a successful update.

You can directly upload a precompiled binary; the latest release can always be found here.


This button restarts the device into the regular measurement mode and leaves the options.