Join the OpenBikeSensor community

The OpenBikeSensor is an open project that everbody can join. You too can help with development of the sensor, testing, collecting data and analysing it. Here is how:

Ask and discuss

Come over to our Discourse forum for discussions with other interested and active community members on topics like: help and support, local groups, projects, events and further developments.

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We publish everything we create as open source. Everything is available on GitHub, including the software code, schematics, blueprints, CAD models, instructions and documentation.

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We meet almost weekly to discuss current progress regarding the project and the software and hardwar development. New members are always welcome here, and it’s a great opportunity to get to know each other.

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Open Video Meeting

We directly exchange knowledge and the state of our work in weekly open video meetings, which are usually held on Mondays. The video call can be accessed with a link and a code, both of which are posted in an internal category in our forum, to prevent access and disturbances by bots. You’ll need an account there, or ask somebody who has one, to join.

We’re sorry that we have to make it a little complicated to partake, and we want you to know that you are more than welcome to come and listen in, and/or make your voice heard and join the discussion as a new member of our community.

Our former Slack workspace

The community used to have an open Slack workspace to exchange information. There are numerous reasons for us to leave Slack and move elsewhere, so we’ve decided to close the Slack for new members and move our conversations to the forum.

In the future we will try out Matrix to do direct exchanges between community members for quick help, ad hoc assistance and short lived conversations. Once we’ve found out how we want to do this, we’ll post – of course – in the forum.

If you want to join our old Slack workspace anyway, e.g. to help us save some valuable knowledge and edit it into a form that can serve as long-term documentation, please ask for access in one of the open meetings, we’re happy to let you in to read the archives.